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Minerva Valley Telephone Co., Inc. began doing business as Tri County Telephone when The St. Anthony Cooperative Telephone Association and The Zearing Telephone Association merged together in 1956. In April, 1957, The Clemons Mutual Telephone Company joined the merger and the name was changed to Minerva Valley Telephone Co., Inc. The name was inspired by the Minerva Creek which winds its way through or near the three communities.

In 1958 Minerva Valley Telephone Company built a new, commercial building and installed a dial-equipped central office, switching the subscribers from handcrank phones to a modern dial system. Most aerial cable was replaced by underground cable by 1975 and digital equipment replaced the dial system in 1979, eliminating multi-party lines and featuring touch-dialing capabilities. Since 1979 fast developing technology has provided many more advancements in telephone service. Customers today have an extensive list of calling features to choose from to fit their needs.

Minerva Valley Telephone has added many aspects to their business in the past few years. Internet service and Cable Television are now major parts of the business. Minerva Valley Wireless will begin providing wireless telephone service to our customers in the fall of 2006.

Minerva Valley is proud to have served our customers for the past 50 years and is looking forward to providing quality, dependable service far into the future.